Soft Wash Equipment

EntireCLEAN is proud to work with and supply the original and industry leading soft wash equipment from Proportioner; The industries' most copied equipment yet still nothing comes close.

Our engineers have experience of both soft washing equipment and chemicals.

We are able to build bespoke skid system which are suitable for pickup or van mounting

The Proportinoer system eliminates the need for batch mixings and gives 'on the fly' adjustment of three chemicals.

The patent pending Softwash ProPortioner is a simple solution to eliminate batch mixing in the softwashing industry. The ProPortioner was invented by Tim Aselton, who started his cleaning business in 1994. Tim's quest to make his softwashing system more efficient was the catalyst behind this revolutionary invention. The ability to never make another Softwash mix and change ratios quickly was the only way to cut time and improve efficiency. Three years of trials, testing and calibrating resulted in numerous changes to find the perfect combination of chemical 

resistant valves and components to skip the Softwash solution mixing process forever. Influential friends in the industry encouraged Tim to share this Softwashing breakthrough in 2015 with everyone.  Tim's only hope is that everyone in the Softwash industry can benefit as much as he has from the softwash ProPortioner.​